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Low Income Housing, Gravel Pit Mining and . . . . What's coming to your backyard?

Taking action is critical. Your largest investment, your home value is at risk. Too many of us have slept through our neighbors pain because it didn't directly effect us.

Cary becoming a Sanctuary City?. . . read more here. .

Mayor's illegitimate business . . read more here . .

Why is the Mayor's actions resoundingly against the citizens of Cary interest? . . . Who is getting the benefits from these decisions?

Low Income High Density Housing or Resort life?

Home and Small Business DVR Kits
Resort living for those who need a little help?

High dollar amenities for low income housing. This project has a price tag of 18 million dollars to build 60 units. The average cost of each unit then becomes $300,000 each.
The amenities include a pool, club house, sun deck, fitness center,playground for tots, business center with computers and printers, gazebo, picnic tables, barbecue grills, sand volleyball courts and high attention to landscaping for a park like setting for the residents.
All this for the low price of a one bedroom for $688 per month, two bedroom for $828 and finally a three bedroom 1500 square foot unit for $955 a month. . . But wait! there's more!!!

Are you feeling a little foolish paying your mortgage and taxes?
read more. . .

But Wait. . There's more!

Gravel Pit Mining CO. changed contract to make more profit

Professional 30fps DVR Kits
When you can't win fairly, change the rules! - Updated Sept 17 2016 $200,000 per month eliminated for Meyer . . Yet the Village has a half a million dollar budget deficit?

The Mayor's concern about "unfair" treatment of "corporate citizen" Meyer Material has been remedied. A new agreement has been made that eliminates $200,000 per month in penalties for Meyer and allows for 24/6 mining operations.

Before even getting to this point he fired the chairman of the Zoning Board.

This is unacceptable. He claimed at the June 17th board meeting that he wanted to "be fair to Meyer." What about fairness to the residents of Fox Trails? This is not just a slap in the face to us, but blatant manipulation of the board rules . . and for what purpose?. . . . read more

Impact on the Village of Cary Taxes, Resources and Alerts

Village safty

Mayor Kownick can't even manage the essentials of a small business . . . How can he run a multi million dollar village budget?

View more here . . A Must See!

Cary becoming a Sanctuary City? . . .

  • ♦ More tax burden to support Low Income Housing
  • ♦ More children per classroom
  • ♦ More High Density traffic
  • ♦ More Crime/Public Services/Medical costs
  • ♦ Years more of Noise
  • ♦ Years more of Dust pollutants
  • ♦ What really is the impact on your water?
  • ♦ More road repair cost

Cary Matters

Please join us in making our village a strong community preserving individual freedoms or choice.

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