What can you do? - support the ones that are already fighting for you!

We know you have busy lives, we do too. . . however we have taken up the causes - strong support behind us will get the job done.

Some of these fights have already been lost, others can be won and new issues exposed before they take root. We are concerned citizens of Cary
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Local election on April 4th, 2017 changed the face of the board to a majority of common sense Trustees. This will slow down the Mayors free will with your tax dollars
We need to ask the logical question of why does Mayor Kownick chose to support projects that would fail miserably on a public referendum? Think Occams Razor!

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Follow the actions not the words

In campaigns we always here the sweet promises between the omissions.
Many politicians spend time and money to get their name recognized however spend very little time showing their true colors of what they stand for. The Mayor and Trustee positions don't even pay minimum wage even for part time work. So why would anyone want to do these jobs?

To be perfectly honest. . the ones without an agenda don't want it! . . however a few brave souls have stepped up and are willing to hold there noses to stop all the suspicious decisions that just don't pass the smell test. We need to ask direct questions and get direct answers back. When the answer is not direct its the first indication its not in your best interest!

We've seen the "Trust Me", I know what's best for you officials in action.

Maybe we're just not understanding the "best for me" part so good??

Trusted Trustees

Your vote is powerful

Whenever you vote for anyone local to national, this person is representing you in government. You essentially are giving this person your power of attorney to make decisions for you, borrowing money that holds you liable for taxes you have no choice other than to pay. We have close to $20 trillion dollars in national debt. All levels of government carry unfunded liabilities that just grow and grow, until it collapses under its own weight.

Almost every village, city, state and national budget carries unfunded or underfunded liabilities with the majority being teacher, fire and police pension plans. These plans are at best good intentions and promises that at some point will collapse. Just think of your own life, can you keep putting IOU notes in a jar for retirement and then at retirement, can you spend your IOU's?

When you are the one hearing all of these great benefits it sounds wonderful, it almost sounds too good to be true, however we accept these promises and have high expectations of the promises to be fulfilled.

This is just an example of why we need to put our trust in people that are one of us, the average go to work, pay your taxes type of person that when they see these impossible narratives will speak up. If we can't fully fund our budgets now, why would we add more tax burdens that in plain English are nothing more than charities or lofty ideas endorsed by some politicians freely spending your money on empty promises?

Presently we have 4 Trustees with common sense however the Mayor can still bring many unwanted issues to the table.

Cary has three Trustees with proven voting records. These Trustees have strongly support the citizens of Cary.
They understand our community needs to attract good business partners that contribute and strengthen Cary without negatively effecting the tax paying home owners of our Village. These values represent our citizens views and preserves our community. These Trustees voted NO to Low Income Housing, NO to changing the rules for Gravel Pit Mining. Jennifer Weinhammer is new to this lineup however we believe she follows the same beliefs as the proven winners.

Evil Mayor In full contrast and opposition to these values, the Mayor show preference to the "Corporate citizens" and treat the tax paying residents as a nuances to his agendas. This can be fully reviewed in the village document.

He seems to always take the easy low hanging rotten fruit like Low Income Housing Builders that are tax burdens, Gravel Pit Mining Companies that disrupts citizens lives or Garbage Transfer Station operators that would make our community smelly, and a center for filth, noise and truck traffic.

It's harder to be creative finding and attracting industry that creates jobs adding to the economy. Where are these efforts? He supported Workforce Housing, maybe he should have been looking for and supporting the companies that add jobs for the existing community first!

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