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Who's that man behind the curtain?

It's Mayor Kownick! - The "small businessman" that appears to never have really owned the business he claimed to own, This business was never registered with the State of Illinois to Mark Kownick!

In the meeting held the evening of March 21, 2017 the real owner of this business demanded that Mark Kownick cease using their business name!

How did Kownick pay taxes under a fictitious name?

The audacity to lie in December of 2013 when confronted about this unethical behavior and again 4 years later in a public meeting the evening of March 21, 2017 when told to cease the illegal use of the name by the rightful owner.

See Kownick openly lie to a Cary resident 4 years ago. . .Link to watch YouTube of the meeting here.

Kownick needs to step down immediately! He is a disgrace to Cary!. . . Read more details below

Now he's complaining of negativity when anyone questions his motives and deeds.

Is Cary preparing to become a Sanctuary City? - read more here!

Does anyone really want a Mayor that does extremely questionable acts in his personal life in control of millions of dollars of our money? He wants to beautify a few blocks of downtown Cary at outrageous costs! Maybe having our own little yellow brick road is a bit more than we need! . . . See beautification details below!
We're not in Kansas anymore Toto!! - This Wizard's not making Rainbows. . . . Looks a lot more like Kow pie fertilizer!!

We need to hold our officials accountable for unethical actions in a hearing from a board of ethics committee

The tax payers of Cary have all been treated like children that just need to be told what is good for them because we don't understand. - Really? Pick your blog, social media or website and see what others are saying.

Mayor Kow Pie didn't bother considering Cary residents approval when extremely unpopular decisions like Low Income Housing projects were being pushed through against a tremendously strong showing of rejection by the voters.
So somehow now our opinion matters? - Yes it does! - Make your voice heard loud and clear.

Stand up and be heard!

What is this all really about?

The past always had the smell of All Show and No Substance

Always a more sinister questionable outcome. . an unchecked motive.
The mayor even fired the chairman of the Zoning Board that didn't lock step agree with his agenda when he was in the way.

The village procedures have even been changes. What was the real reason for these changes? Is the Mayor trying to change the balance of power through the procedure, codes and appeals process?

It's time to cut through the smoke and mirrors . . . think about holding village officials responsible for their actions

Quality Surveillance Systems

You dare to question the Great OZ!

Come back tomorrow and I will let you know what's best for you!!

I have given you Gravel Pits! Low Income Housing! What more could you want my little munchkins?

Why would you dare question my motives?

What's on the horizon. . .
Another Tax Credit builder? More Kow Pie tax waste?

Downtown Cary Beautification Project

The complete budget plan concentrates a large amount of money in the small downtown section of Cary. Why not inject the $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 in funds that can breath life into new expansion of business?
Will people be attracted to downtown Cary just to walk on the new brick pavers? Kownick may have a great eye for window dressing however we need community and economical development.
This high dollar wastes of tax payer money does not belong in the hands of an equivalent to a young teen with an unlimited credit card in a shopping mall! We need a responsible adult that abides by a set of rules and is a good steward of your money and village.
Kownick hasn't even been a good steward to his own business by not filing the proper papers for over 20 years as well as the yearly requirement as fees to the state. We don't even know if he paid taxes!

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