Sanctuary City drugs Systems

Is Cary preparing to become a Sanctuary City?

Kownick has met with a group to discuss local police interaction and cooperation with U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

What is the purpose of such a meeting?

Cary already enforces laws doing a great job in Cary and clarifying these procedures seems like a change in direction. We really don't know what this groups intentions are, however if choosing to not enforce laws is the focus then this is definitely something that should be decided by more than a group and the Mayor. We have had too many decisions made for us by people not representing our best interests.
This same group has a wider scope including Fox River Grove. Cary residents need to know the agenda and act together as a voting block. Either we vote for the candidate that represents us best or put this controversial direction on a referendum. The bottom line is the citizens of Cary should determine how our future is shaped. Ignoring or picking and choosing what laws to enforce puts us on a very slippery slope. I personally think traffic tickets for red light cameras should not be enforced!

In the present political environment a decision to not enforce Federal laws will result in losing Federal funding as well as attracting many unanticipated consequences.

What is the real agenda?
Contact the Mayor and all the trustees and ask them their thoughts. What has been done so far? What is the plans?

We really don't have any clue as to the direction that will be taken, we need to hear this directly from Mayor Kownick
Why is this done in secrecy?

Other unsettling topics . . . Please read all below first. . . Thanks!
Mayor Kownick's unethical or incompetent personal business actions
The tax payers of Cary want the family lifestyle of a small town and does not need to prove some point with an agenda that just doesn't make sense for our community, our children and tax dollars.
We welcome legal immigration with open arms. Legal immigrants understand what it is to be a proud American and have earned the highest respect. The sad truth is they appreciate the freedoms and know more about Constitutional Rights than most natural born Americans. Keeping a cohesive society requires being a nation of laws.

Make your opinion count!
These are serious matters that should not be done behind closed doors.

The Mayor never listens to our input when it really counts!

Why let this continue?

This is your everyday life, don't let others dictate the world you live in.

Who wants to live in a sinister world where you're afraid to say your true feeling and thoughts, your speech is free as long as you don't verbalize your thoughts!.
Change this world one vote at a time. I like the America I grew up in don't you?

It's time to cut through the smoke and mirrors . . . We need answers now.

Quality Surveillance Systems

You dare to question the Great OZ!

Come back tomorrow and I will let you know what's best for you!!

I have given you Gravel Pits! Low Income Housing! What more could you want my little munchkins?

Why would you dare question my motives?

On the horizon. . .
Is this another Tax Credit builder rezoning for High Density to build on Haber Road in Cary Oaks?

Cary Illinois