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The Low Income Housing on First St. is here to stay, however this exposes a very telling story, The gravel quarry is an ongoing battle and new questionable projects just popped up on the radar screen. Haber Road Cary Oaks and Sanctuary City questions. - Don't wait until it's too late!

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Local election April 4th, 2017 changed the face of the board however not the Mayor's position. If you have never heard of Occams Razor please read the statement on the Home page. The simple answers are usually the right ones.
When you ask the logical question of why does the Mayor choose to support projects that would fail miserably on a public referendum? Think Occams Razor!

Sanctuary City

Is Cary preparing to become a Sanctuary City?

The Mayor has met with a group about local police interaction and cooperation with U.S. Immigration, Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
We all need to find out more about these plans and carefully follow any progress to see the real intentions of these meetings.

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This is a new development with very little information other than it has the making for extreme controversy.
Read more here . . .

Property on Haber Road rezoned for High Density Housing

The builder of this project is requesting extreme density reclassification and just may have associations with Low Income Housing Projects.
We will try to find out more about these plans as we follow the permitting of this project.

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View the Village minutes for Cary Oaks housing density changes
The village minutes of September 24 2015 includes the requested rezoning starts on page 38 of the PDF file. Link here.

Gravel Pit Mining 24 hours a day 6 days a week!

Meyer again easily navigated around the agreement in place with the Mayor's help reducing the monthly penalties of $200,000 per month and gained 24/6 operations!

Why wasn't this quiet method used all these years?
Why 24 hour operations near residential homes?
Why is the Mayor on board with agreeing to eliminate penalty income and subject residents to 24/6 mining??

The Mayor had a tremendous position to negotiate a better deal for the village or by default gets more revenues in penalties just by doing nothing!

Another questionable issue that just doesn't pass the smell test.

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Sanctuary City

Do we have an ethics conduct code in Cary?

The Mayor has been running an illegitimate business for over 20 years by never registering it with the State of Illinois.

We all need to find out more about how he files his taxes, if he files his taxes! What is is hiding? Why does he make these claims and still has not filed the proper paperwork?
Read and see more here.. .

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This is NOT a new development and is extremely controversial. This man needs to step down!
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