Gravel Pit Mining

September 17, 2016 Dog and Pony show or maybe better described as "Sleight of hand"
Lafarge Aggregates/MEYER MATERIAL COMPANY is highly determined to renegotiate the $100,000 penalty that will escalate to $200,000 per month if the present agreement is not altered.

Surprise Surprise - Update Altered - no penalties!! - Meyer wins again!!

24 hour mining operation!
What is the real impact on the residents and water?
What are the benefits or revenue losses in this trade off?

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Gravel Pit

Meyer Materials submitted an offer to change the agreement with the village and in this first vote has been turned down by three reliable Trustees holding Meyer to the original agreement for at least a year before requesting another proposal..

The mayor even fired the chairman of the Zoning Board

Meyer again navigate around the agreement in place that has a high potential for reducing the quality of life with 24/6 operations claiming the noise level is less than 65db. The real kicker is the locked in agreement with Meyer was to pay $200,000 per month in penalties! - This was removed!!! . . .Why?

First question should be why were the penalties removed? Then where is the impact study to prove this new type of mining is safe for our water. What is the real noise level from a study and what will happen when the residents can't sleep at night when the noise levels rise above the acceptable levels?

The operation will go from 60 hours a week to 124 hours. The village and the residents should have guarantees that the village ordnance for sound levels to remain under 51db as well as a doubling of village revenues at the penalty rates that were already in an agreement. The asphalt bike path that was agreed to will now be a gravel path. . why?

65db is claimed to be the level of people talking at a distance of 3 feet. If this is the true noise level. . . would people talking outside your home all night effect you? Think about the last time your neighbors had a late night party.

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Cary Matters

How can Meyer apply for a new request when the village regulations states there is a one year waiting period?

Why was the Mayor on board with this new request?

The Mayor had a tremendous position for negotiating a better deal for the village or by default gets more revenues in penalties just by doing nothing!

This was shameful at best and has the markings of something much more sinister.

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Cary Illinois

Cary Matters

Cary Illinois